‪What site would you recommend for tech news coverage? (I’m thinking curated news, not feeds fuelled by recommendation engines.)‬

@djsumdog @laura is good. :bofhsimon: If you don't have enough time to read HN, and you have a sense of humor, does a weekly HN roundup. :9front:

@p @laura I think HN bans The Register. I tried submitting an article once and got and error, and I never notice their stuff up there.

@djsumdog @laura I wouldn't be surprised. They'd probably get flooded with Reg links, and even without that, the Register pretty often satirizes San Francisco nonsense and San Francisco just CANNOT DEAL if you fail to take them seriously.

@laura I was just checking Prismo after someone recommended it here.


I second prismo, it's is in its early days but works great so far! Always improving and there's an Matrix room on + it federates (see @kevingimbel ) and the goal is to have a reddit-like federated service.

IMO Prismo has high potential!

@laura I'm currently following and for tech news using RSS and Mastodon bots. Don't have a user account on either any yet.

See @freepost

There's a new federated alternative called coming up. I haven't tried it out yet, but federated comments using Mastodon seem to be working already.

In english:
- AnandTech:
- El Register was already recommended multiple times and I second that recommendation.
- MIT Technology Review:

In German:
- Heise News:
- Golem (including an AdBlocking challenge)

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