I can understand journalists not having the ability to effect change in a publication’s dodgy practices and funding model.

But this article is written by “The Editorial Board.”

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@laura @better That's something I've been wondering about. Do you happen to know why 29 trackers is somehow better than 1?

It makes absolutely not sense to me, but I don't know much about this industry.


@loke @better I think a few factors add up to that many, like different features on offer from different trackers, adding new trackers with duplicate functionality without bothering to remove older trackers, people from different departments wanting their own chosen trackers, and a lack of oversight/consideration for the combined impact.

@laura @better Wow. Thanks. That would suggest that there isn't even a reason, other than incompetence.

@loke @better or greed! Occasionally I think people genuinely don’t consider the human impact of tracking, site visitors are seen as numbers to be manipulated, not other humans.

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