‪Recently I had another bad experience with a person fitting my mic at a conf where I was speaking. Can anyone recommend good resources on appropriate behaviour for conf tech teams?

(If I’m going to blog about it, I’d like to link to legit advice from people who know their stuff!)‬

@laura Sorry to hear about that. If I understand correctly you had (another) bad experience with a too-invasive-and-inappropriate-talk/manipulations from a male sound tech fitting a wireless mic on you ?

Fitting a wireless mic is not rocket science. You can do most of the fitting yourself following directives on where he wants the mic & emitter placed.

My advice is to put a stop to it as soon as you feel it going awry, have him take a step back and do the manipulations yourself.

@mh8 yeah, I did that. I’d like for there to be sensible guidance for tech teams so I’m not put in that position in the first place.

@laura Yeah I totally get that. Are you thinking of a document you could send before hand with indications as to how things should be set up for you for your talk and precisely how you'd like to be assisted (and set up) technically ?

I can't help you much on anything already existant but it kinda looks like the kind of document you draft and then upgrade through experience.

@laura Like that could be where you stipulate that if there are no female sound operators in the hosting tech team then you will fit any on-person wireless mic yourself under supervision & guidance of the sound operators..

@mh8 it’s frustrating because I already have speaking terms with some specifications (mostly for my safety) and organisers rarely read it/stick to them. I don’t even need a woman to attach a mic to me, I am fine with a man. (Though I understand others may feel safer that way.) I just need a person who is going to ask or warn me before touching me. And who will then do so in an appropriate manner. It’s not a big ask.

+1 I'd like to find this type of resource, build knowledge. A recent experience was also hugely disrespectful, half my speaking time screwed because projector was not working. When I answered question on the time limit, accused of being violent, and turning feminist arguments to me as if they were weapons, terrible experience. Conferences should be about people joining get informed of each other's progresses and get organised, in this prospect hosting speakers with care is crucial.

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