I’ve put my slides from yesterday’s talk, ‘People might actually use this’ online with accompanying text. It’s not a transcript, but when the video is up, I’ll post it (with captions) so you can get a real idea of how inarticulate I am in person. noti.st/laurakalbag/Ot8Mx4/sli

@laura This format is really cool! Did you make this by hand or use some software?


@jalcine fabulous, isn’t it?! Usually I wouldn’t recommend a centralised service, but I know the folks who make it IRL and they care about doing good stuff, and have done some really clever text recognition that makes importing presentations a breeze

@laura it's excellent! I've been relying on slides.com since they've very friendly to exports and all HTML & CSS but this layout is excellent for those who couldn't come IRL

@jalcine yeah. I’m generally too impatient for watching videos, so I love reading talks in this format.

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