I’ve put my slides from yesterday’s talk, ‘People might actually use this’ online with accompanying text. It’s not a transcript, but when the video is up, I’ll post it (with captions) so you can get a real idea of how inarticulate I am in person.

@laura This format is really cool! Did you make this by hand or use some software?

@jalcine fabulous, isn’t it?! Usually I wouldn’t recommend a centralised service, but I know the folks who make it IRL and they care about doing good stuff, and have done some really clever text recognition that makes importing presentations a breeze

@laura it's excellent! I've been relying on since they've very friendly to exports and all HTML & CSS but this layout is excellent for those who couldn't come IRL

@jalcine yeah. I’m generally too impatient for watching videos, so I love reading talks in this format.

@laura thanks for sharing those. Great read. Now to get to work!

@laura Nice presentation. What are your thoughts on ids used by decentralized apps? Specifically allowing users to bring their own id, authenticator and server portability. For example, Mastodon and Matrix fail in these regards.

@aswath could you give me an example of what an alternative might be? (I’m probably being ignorant here…)

@laura Mastodon as an example, you can not bring your own id, can not take the id when you change the server. What good is it that it allows data portability? We end up with the same issues as email.

Instead if it had used a scheme where we could bring our own URL, which specifies the server (as in HEAD) and use auth scheme like indieauth, then data portability is more meaningful.

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