‪I’ve made it, I’ve finally been called an SJW on Reddit.‬

‪(That is an amazing self-own in the title.)‬


Ah crypto = cryptocurrencies. cons = conferences.

Still, this one is a truly original comic genius. (Non-English names are scary, aren’t they?!)

@laura Wow... Name calling... That's like ... high level... like... school-yard recess kind of high level...

People... *sigh* 😲

@mh8 @laura She didn't disown it.

Laura, per, plz publicly disown the SJW label.

@laura I have to admit I am as puzzled as you are by @djenderesensjuelist 's cryptic message 😉


Being a Scot, I am deeply offended by this unimaginative use of an insult.

I must assume they are laughing at themselves.
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