This morning I found a site with 231 trackers. Feel like I should sadly shout BINGO or something.

@laura @renatolond Ohhhh. Wanted to see this too; looking at it from Germany just ends up like this:

"Due to GDPR compliance, LifeBuzz is currently unavailable in your country. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and are working quickly to make LifeBuzz compliant in your region. If you have previously created a LifeBuzz account, and want to delete your account and all existing data stored on our servers, please email"

Well yes. 😉

@laura that's quite a few yet far from the record I suppose… =(

Since PrivacyBadger (great Firefox Add-On) kills the init-scripts, I see a loooot less trackers trying to invade my browsing.

@laura what they will do with that data🤔 and it also make there website slow as hell
Where these people come from?

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