Another joyless discovery: a tracker on an ordinary news site that shares your data to “carry out creditworthiness and risk assessment, for debt collection purposes.” FUN

Sorry, this work really stresses me out.

And you know what… these data-collecting businesses have beautiful websites. There’s some really capable designers out there using their skills to help real life monsters.

@laura Reminds me of that quote, I forget who said it: “the greatest minds of my generation are trying to figure out how to make people click on ads.”

@chartier @laura @ohyran It’s a catchy quote, but not true. Truly great minds know what are the important problems are. Can you imagine Einstein or Feynman working at Facebook?

@Tryphon @laura @ohyran That’s a great point, especially in light of this reply from the flip side of that coin:

@chartier @laura
It reminds me of a recent news of an Harvard physics PhD student whose work has been even mentioned by Stephen Hawkings, she is 25 and it has been said she will be the next Einstein.
The bbc article mentioned how she refused offers from both amazon and facebook, with bezos saying the door is always open for her!
They are evil.

@laura we need more of them in #floss definitely, what a waste of talent

@laura wow, what?! Do you have any more details?
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