‪Just clicked “Do not accept” on the GDPR compliance modal on a news site and it just redirected me to 🧐‬

‪Can’t decide whether it’s being facetious, malicious, or a dev just used as a placeholder and forgot to change it.‬

@laura I think they're basically telling you to fuck off .. ? 😏

@laura they just say "hey, if our terms are not acceptable what about those guys'?"

@kodedninja it amuses me to think that might be the case. “Hey you think we’re bad… what about Google?!”

@laura I think that's what most nsfw sites do if you click the "I'm under 18" button (unless they go to yahoo)

Hahaha. Literally all of those are possible. 😆😆 I hope a dev just forgot to replace the placeholder.
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