When the css-tricks site goes down, we all realise how much we rely on it. Chris and his team write the best, most thorough and reliable, stuff. I go back to the almanac on selectors *constantly.* Also loving the beginners series to recommend to newbies.

@laura Yeah, true. I visited the complete flexbox guide so often, I can't even count it anymore.

@gil me too! Though I admit I am sometimes confused by the multi-column layout on that page.

@laura I didn't know about the beginners series. It might be perfect to suggest to someone I know (I'll find out when the site comes back up).

@zatnosk I think they’re building it out, but what there is so far is incredibly useful, even for folks who have been doing front-end for a while.

@laura as I do more front end dev, I find myself on their site more and more. It’s great!

@ashfurrow it makes such a difference when a community is built around enthusiasm and generous sharing. I love how concise, yet detailed, the articles are.

@laura I've come unstuck at least 3 times today. I always forget how much time I spend on there.

@laura That site has been part of my brain's external hard drive for years now. It's an amazing resource!

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