It’s been one whole year since my book, Accessibility For Everyone, came out in paperback and ebook from A Book Apart.

Did you read it? Did it help you make more accessible websites? Please tell me you enjoyed it more than @gigapup did…

If you didn’t read it yet (or even want to read it again…!) you can always listen to the audiobook on Audible. The whole book takes less than an afternoon…

@laura @gigapup If someone gives me even a whiff of interest in learning about #a11y, I send them two links.

1. Your book
2. @heydon's Inclusive Components blog

@hankchizljaw @laura @gigapup @heydon I remember you sending me the Inclusive Components blog! 🙌🏽

@laura @gigapup I bought it months ago, and started it last week. I tend to only read at coffee shops, so it might take a while, but Great so far!

@meredevelopment thanks! I think it’s probably well-suited to reading in chunks. It’s a lot of information! (And I cut a fair bit out too…)

@laura @gigapup I actually got that book at a gift a few months back and enjoying it!

I would have to check but i'm quite sure that i bought it for my library. (French university)

@mcpaccard @gigapup I’d call him out on it, but he’s honestly not interested in anything that isn’t food…

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