@jag cheers! Icon design is something I love, so it’s hard for me to know how much of the design decisions are worth discussing!

@laura I don’t know much about icon design, but my faves were the background color and screen reader bits 😊

@laura my only claim to fame is I've met the guy that created the poo emoji 💩

@laura he's pretty cool, he does lots of work making sure people can type in various different languages on their Wikipedias, i.e making sure diacritics etc are available

@laura awesome ! Thanks a lot Laura. Awesome indie heart, i'll make my own with the lion from my profile

@laura Hmm... So actually only the owners/admins of an instance can create custom emojis on that instance, am I correct ? 🤔

@mh8 I just logged into Mastodon.social to compare with my own instance, and yes, that seems right. I’ll update my post.

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