@heydon 🎉 congrats! I’m going to get so much use out of this book, I’m so grateful for your work!

@laura That's great to hear! To be clear, it is the blog content, just updated and improved, and with syntax highlighting. Nice to have it all in one place, though, I guess.


@heydon All clear! I love PDFs of books as they’re easy to search offline. Also having a way to give money to people who do good work.

@laura Cool, cool. What do you use as a reader, out of interest? The ePub is a marginally nicer production IMO. Nice in iBooks.

@heydon usually just Preview on macOS because I’m boring and I’d usually read/reference it on Mac. Though if I want to go into “reading mode”, or trying to read while travelling, I’ll use iBooks.

@laura Interesting. I discovered preview on OSX was nice for reading PDF eBooks in testing for this book. Splits into side-by-side pages just like ePub.

@laura @heydon that’s what I do too in iBooks. That with the automatic sync to iPad/iPhone makes it perfect for my needs :)

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