‪Hire me as a consultant to improve your site’s performance*!‬

‪* I’ll tell you to remove your ridiculous third-party trackers, then shame you for invading your site visitors’ privacy. You’ll be embarrassed, but I’ll have shaved off 200+ requests, ~2mb, and cut load time in half.‬

‪(These are real stats from a site I’ve just been inspecting for @better. And I’ve not finished yet!)‬

@laura @better It's so gross. If we did this in the real world - slapping tracking beacons on every customer as they walked into your store and then hoped they didn't remove them as they left - we'd be outraged.

@ichris @better and yet there are signs that use facial recognition to track you in the physical space too 😞

"Marketing Department can't stop you doing this one trick and they HATE it!"


Third party trackers should 🔥! It's ridiculous that they are so often used. I refuse to implement them for clients.

@laura Of course, in the process, you just bankrupted them since you removed their business model. (Oops! Do I shed any tears? No, I do not.) :)

@laura so I helped build a large ad exchange (yuck still trying to wash those years off) and have a couple observations:

- it was fun from a systems engineering pov building things that could do 100's of thousands of concurrent requests with ms response times

- it was soul sucking

- despite the trackers, pixels, cookies and "big data" our numbers almost never matched client impression numbers, so we just fudged it at the end of the day

- it was really soul sucking

@laura That I would love to see on more websites - it's a shame that most sites don't load even a bit with NoScript enabled.

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